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General description

The Natural Sciences Interdisciplinary Program's office provides information to students interested in pursuing graduate or professional studies. The Program's counselors provide guidance on the particular curricular requirements for these schools. During the academic evaluation periods, counselors guide the students in the selection of courses which will help them complete the requirements for their particular post-baccalaureate experience of interest.



The Natural Sciences Interdisciplinary Program offers education excellence through a flexible, multidisciplinary and innovative curriculum which promotes the formation of responsible scientists committed to their profession, personal life and the environment.



The Natural Sciences Interdisciplinary Program provides excellence in multidisciplinary preparation; education in various fields of the natural sciences, mathematics and computer sciences; command of scientific methodology and computing applications integrated into the development of effective communication skills.  Curriculum flexibility enables students to create a baccalaureate according to their interests and career goals.  The selection of free electives and courses at the College of Natural Sciences, together with individualized guidance, empowers our graduates to pursue graduate studies, admission to professional schools or enter the workforce.

Last update: Jan 28, 2013