Goals and Objectives





Promote achievement of college level written and oral communication skills in both English and Spanish.


Students will develop oral and written expression competences in both languages.

2. The Program will guide students regarding the appropriate English and Spanish courses in order to strengthen their written and oral communication skills.


Develop technology use as a means of communication and as a research skill.


Students will apply the use of technological tools in the preparation of documents and presentations.

2. Students will use technological resources as a means to gather information relevant to a research project.


Provide a solid basis in science, mathematics and computer sciences which, in addition to the integration with other disciplines, allows students to develop their bachelor’s degree according to their interests and career goals.

1. During their first two to three years of study, students will acquire basic knowledge in science, mathematics and computer sciences.
2. The Program will provide guidance enabling students to complete a curricular sequence of courses in science, mathematics, computer sciences and free electives according to their career goals.
3. Upon baccalaureate completion, students will be qualified to pursue graduate or professional studies or enter the workforce in their area of interest.


Develop citizens responsible for and committed to Puerto Rican society.

1. The Program will stimulate student participation in community service and social interest activities either through student organizations or as their personal service.


Provide an alternative to students classified in different departments at the College of Natural Sciences and on campus to obtain a bachelor’s degree in science.

1. Guidance will be provided to students classified in other departments at the College of Natural Sciences and on campus on requirements for graduation from the Interdisciplinary Program.
2. The Program will contribute to strengthening the retention and graduation rates at the College of Natural Sciences.