Graduate Profile

At the end of their baccalaureate studies in the Natural Sciences General Program, graduates:

  • Critically integrate basic knowledge of different Science and Mathematics fields in order to find scientific solutions to our society's problems.
  • Demonstrate knowledge in the use and application of technologies for data research, analysis and incorporate this information into their own knowledge base.
  • Integrate and establish connections with other disciplines, such as humanities, art and social sciences, among others, relevant to their field of study or work.
  • Demonstrate effective oral and written communication skills in both Spanish and English.
  • Apply scientific methodologies in a creative way in order to understand scientific theories and carry out research in pure and applied sciences.
  • Demonstrate ability to work in groups related to their specialty as well as in multidisciplinary teams.
  • Make decisions based on ethics in their profession and in their daily lives.
  • Show sensitivity in their interpersonal relationships and service to others.
  • Are able to pursue graduate studies in their scientific field of interest or professional schools.
  • Exercise leadership in serving as agents of change in society.
  • Are scholars in the constant quest for knowledge and truth.
  • Understand the importance of planning ahead in order to achieve their personal and professional goals.

Last update: Jan 28, 2013