Natural Sciences General Program (previous curriculum)

The curriculum consists of 130 credits which include 58 credits at the College of Natural Sciences. Of these 58 credits in Science, Math and/or Computer Sciences, 25 are upper level courses in the College’s requirements.

This program is valid until May 2007.


Natural Sciences Interdisciplinary Program (current curriculum)

This curriculum substitutes the previous requirements for the general sciences baccalaureate degree. This revised degree allows students to devise course sequences according to their individual interests and professional goals. The requirements consist of 121 credits divided as follows: 43 credits in General Education, 60 at the College of Natural Sciences and 18 credits of free electives. Of these 60 credits in Science, Math and/or Computer Sciences, 24 consist of upper level courses at the College.

Students admitted in or after August 2007 are required to complete this revised curriculum. As part of the revision, the name of the Natural Sciences General Program will change to Natural Sciences Interdisciplinary Program. Students admitted in August 2006 can apply for a change from the General to the Interdisciplinary Program if they choose to do so.