Veterinary Technology

There is aVeterinary Technology Schoolat theUniversity of Puerto Rico, Medical Sciences campuswhich could provide the students with further training prior to application to a Veterinary School. It is important to know each particular school’s admission criteria before graduating from the Veterinary Technology program in order to be able to fulfill all of the academic requirements.
Veterinary technologists can:

  • assist a veterinarian in animal clinics,
  • work in animal research centers at university facilities such as those in different UPR campuses or the Primates Center,
  • assist in food-related industries such as those involved in milk, meat or other products,
  • work in veterinary clinical analysis laboratories in environmental conservation of animal and natural resources,
  • work in government agencies, for example the Health or Agricultural Departments.

Information on the different schools in the United States and Canada, application requirements and other information on the veterinary profession can be obtained at theAssociation of American Veterinary Medical Colleges(AAVMC) website.


TheUniversity of Puerto Rico, Río Piedras campusoffers the minimum 64 credits required to apply to the Veterinary Technology School at theUniversity of Puerto Rico, Medical Sciences campus.

I.    Required Courses (64 credits)

Courses Credits
English 6
Spanish 6
Social Sciences (SOCI 3121-3122) 6
Pre-Calculus MATH 3018 or 3023-3024 4
General Biology BIOL 3101-3102 6
General Chemistry CHEM 3001-3002) 8
Organic Chemistry CHEM 3031-3032 8
College Physics (PHYS 3011-3012-3013-3014) 8
Statistics 1 (MATH 3026) 3
Electives 9

1. Statistics courses can be from other Colleges, for example the Colleges of Social Sciences or Business Administration.

II.   Other Requirements

Minimum general grade point average of 2.00.
Minimum science grade point average of 2.00 (includes all college/university level courses in Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and Mathematics).
Personal interview
Students must apply for transfer to the Medical Science campus at the University of Puerto Rico, Río Piedras campus Registrar’s Office before February, 15th.

III. Additional information

School of Health Professions
Central Office of Admissions
University of Puerto Rico, Medical Sciences Campus
Phone: (787) 758-2525 ext. 4001

Last update: Jun 13, 2017